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We all know this artist has the enviable position of being a summer party band.

Michael Franti embodies the connection between Yoga and music, both through the messages and melodies and his upbeat songs, his collaborations with yogis like Seane Corn, and his avid personal pursuit of the practice.At first, he was voicing his concerns about poverty and the children that were so poor they walked.In 2018, she toured with Michael Franti on his Stay Human Tour, traveling across the United States of America to open for his shows.Michael Franti (born April 21, 1967) is an American musician, poet, spoken word artist, and singer-songwriter.

Mommy works with an incredible artist and humanitarian, Michael Franti.

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The goal of most healers and lightworkers is to have people unconditionally love themselves and act like it, to be themselves in all their glory and to embrace the diversity of every living being on this earth.

He is very focused on bringing awareness and help to those suffering in poverty.

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American singer and songwriter Michael Franti wants to do more than just play music and record albums.If the times have been marked by tension and fear, Franti offers compassion and release.

Michael Franti is an accomplished inspirational singer songwriter who lives and breathes his mission of spreading love everywhere he goes.Franti spans the personal and the political, with grace, depth, and beauty.

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His newest album is The Sound of Sunshine, and he says this about music and the album: Music is sunshine.

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Michael Franti (born April 21, 1966) is an American musician, poet, spoken word artist and singer-songwriter.

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Since 2000, he has chosen to go without shoes, partnering with the.

Michael franti was great Michael put on a highly entertaining and interactive performance at the commodore.We spend so much of our day and our life as adults with shoes on. In.To go without footwear in a place where society would normally require shoes or some other protection, such as the grocery store or college lecture hall.

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He wants to help change the world and make it a better place.

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Michael Franti is known for having participated in many musical projects (most of them with a political and social emphasis), including the Beatnigs and the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy.Michael Franti (who gave us this lovely interview months ago) would prefer to have the ladies (and the guys) shoes.Listen to Michael Franti shows Add another genre or tag to narrow down your results.Some of the music inspirations reportedly were his iPod playlists.1. Today, No Shoes Radio is an artist-driven channel on SiriusXM.

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I saw Easy Rider and I bought a motorcycle the next day, and I rode it all the way from LA.

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