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In winter night is long, so most people wake up to go to work when it is still dark and there is always a temptation to snooze.Russia may not be the first to come to mind when you think of a food destination, but the country has plenty of delicious traditional dishes to try.Russian cuisine is a collection of the different cooking traditions of the Russian peoples.They taste delicious, and are a great comfort food (or any other food).Food 22 Delicious Russian Foods For Your Sochi Olympics Party.Our Russian foods range includes products of best manufacturers from Russia and Eastern Europe.

The international survey has determined the top of the ten most popular food in Russia.Russian cusine is a reflection of the national culture and the cusine as a whole incorporates the traditions of several Slavic sub-cultures.Many dishes which were appreciated in antiquity are still popular today, while new dishes are being invented by Russian chefs on a regular basis.

During this time, Russian cuisine has changed many times, including adding elements from other countries.Imagine a cake layered with salted herring, cooked vegetables, and a coat of grated beets and mayo.

Russian vareniki or pelmeni with traditional sour cream are a killer meal that is quite heavy on proteins, carbs and fat.

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The history of Russian foods covers more than a thousand years.

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This cultural mix has brought a unique flavour, endlessly rich for the whole world to enjoy.It is a clear Russian soup, made from various types of fish such as sturgeon, salmon, or cod.It includes: potatoes, meat, fish, chicken, dumplings, red-beet soup, salad, pilau, soup and sweets.

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Pirozhki are a favorite Russian (and Eastern European) dish, often sold as fast food, but made at home as well.

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