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Q--I have a 2001 BMW 330xi still under warranty with 17,000 miles on it.

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Buying motor oil for your car is not as easy as it used to be.

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Usually the BMW 330i Oil Filter is created from paper or cotton fibers and must be changed with any oil change to extend engine life.

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Unlike the past, there is more to choosing the correct motor oil for your BMW than merely picking a bottle off the shelf with the recommended weight that is made by a reputable brand.The body styles of the range are: The body styles of the range are: 4-door sedan (saloon), sold from April 1998 to 2005.A5S 390R is a GM transmission so it uses Dexron VI fluid. Any.BMW 3 takes position between compact BMW 1 and BMW 5 sedan which belongs to business class.

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Below is the Oil Change Light Reset procedure for the BMW 330xi 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005.Best Motor Oil For 330i - The BMW brand oil is good and you can can get an oil change kit (including filter) from Tisher online.The only time a driver should reset the oil light on a BMW is when he or she plans to change the oil at home rather than taking it to a mechanic.Next you will find documentation from the Bentley manual on how to change your oil in a E46.Learn how to change your oil and perform a Service Inspection on your E46 BMW.

Last you will find the official directions from ZF on how fill and check the ATF Fluid.BMW 330i Oil Filters prevent dust and dirt from developing in the oil system of your vehicle.Look up the capacity and get the best synthetic oil for your 2001 Bmw 330xi.

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BMW suggests that you switch to SAE 5W-30 full Synthetic Oil.Recommended engine oil for a E46 330xi is Castrol Syntec 5w30 weight oil however, in my.

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It was a fine day for all when, in December 2005, we took delivery of a Mystic Blue Metallic BMW 330i.

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As BMW cars get more and more complex, fewer things are still able to be done in your own garage.

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Window Reset instructions BMW 330i 2006 Window Reset instructions BMW 330i 2006 On a hot summer day in San Diego, as I was g.I routinely change the oil every 3000 to 4000 miles at the dealer.

Your BMW 330i Oil Filter is on every automobile to clean your motor oil.

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Change oil and oil filter while engine is at operating temperature.Replace filter with Original BMW Oil Filter, check tire pressure and tread depth and check all fluids under the hood.

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